MLB announces new special holiday uniforms all at one time

Major League Baseball unveiled special jersey and cap designs on Wednesday that will be worn for a variety of holidays and events during the 2016 season.

The designs, several of which had already been hinted at during a recent media event held by the San Francisco Giants and by some advance retail product, break down as follows:

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8): Jerseys will have team insignia and numbers rendered in pink. Caps will be dark gray with pink team logos and top stitching. This will mark MLB’s first pink-themed uniform designs. In past seasons, players had worn pink ribbon patches and pink wristbands on Mother’s Day.


Memorial Day (Monday, May 30): As has been the case in recent seasons, lettering and numbering on jerseys will be rendered in camouflage. Teams will also wear camouflage caps. The Toronto Blue Jays’ camouflage design will be based on a pattern used by the Canadian military.


Father’s Day (Sunday, June 19): Jersey lettering and numbering will be shown in blue. Caps will be dark gray with blue logos and accents. This is another MLB first, as teams had previously worn blue ribbons and wristbands on Father’s Day.


Independence Day (Monday, July 4): Jerseys will carry an American flag sleeve patch and feature a star-themed pattern for the lettering and numbering. Caps will be either red or dark gray, with a white front panel carrying a star-based pattern. The Blue Jays’ uniform will have maple leafs instead of stars.

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All-Star workout and home run derby (Monday, July 11): This year’s All-Star Game and related events are being held at Petco Park in San Diego, so the designs for the derby are based on the Padres’ old “Taco Bell” uniforms from the 1980s. National League players will wear brown jerseys with gold trim and Padres-style retro lettering, and the color scheme will be reversed for American Leaguers. Caps will be brown, gold and white and will feature team names rendered in retro lettering.

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All-Star Game (Tuesday, July 12): As has been the case in the past, players will wear their regular team jerseys but with an All-Star Game sleeve patch and two gold stars flanking the MLB logo on the back collar. In addition, players’ signatures will be printed in gold on the right front shirttail, and will be accompanied by gold stars indicating the player’s number of All-Star appearances. Caps will have team-colored crowns with gold-outlined team logos, gray brims, gold star-shaped eyelets, and gold stars flanking the MLB logo on the back.

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Wednesday’s unveiling marks the first time MLB has released all of its holiday and special event uniform designs at once. In past years, the various promotions were rolled out one at a time.

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